Thursday, May 15, 2008

A-Void: routing spaces of surveillance

A project for the Territories Re-imagined: International Perspectives conference in Manchester, 19th - 21st June 2008.

You are invited to find the path of most surveillance and the path of least surveillance from your place of residence to the conference venue [or place of work], and to document your journey in any media and forms that you find suitable. Documentation may be submitted via a Void Box at the venue or posted in electronic form.

You are also invited to find the place of most surveillance and the place of least surveillance in Manchester, and to map and document them. Materials should again be left in the Void Box or posted electronically.

Documentation will be posted online and on a noticeboard during the conference, and presented and discussed at a conference session. All contributors and others interested in the surveillance of urban space are invited to attend and discuss experiences. International correspondents are also welcome to submit materials from their own location. During the session, other artistic and psychogeographical projects addressing surveillance, anxiety and the politics of public space will be presented and discussed.

Responses can be sent to the following email address: admin[at]